Hey Chris, I loved this post because you really shared something about yourself in a true and humble way. So thank you!

I want to mention that I can related deeply to the ‘literal’ pain you are talking about when it comes to changing the/my mind. After much dissolution about how we worship as believers and actually what worship is (and I learnt that it is not singing to Jesus as though he were my boyfriend) but that actually worship is a gift to us, just like the sacraments, it turned my Christian beliefs upside down. While it caused me to change from one to denomination to another (Lutheranism, though this is not important), through hearing and understanding the a ‘quite foreign’ liturgy week after week for a couple of years, it has finally started to sink in what corporate worship might actually be about. I am not saying in any way that I have even scratched below the surface, all I will say is that I notice that the worship is no longer about me but about Jesus. While that might sound obvious, it wasn’t until I really started to pay attention to the words I was singing particularly that this was sure the case for me. This is not to criticise any other form of worship but to get back to your original point, my proof that my mind needed changing was so hard after almost 40 years of doing something only one way.

Blessings! H a r v e y b d at o u t L o o k dot c o m

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Personally I seem to get and retain knowledge better from written over video presentations. It is easier for me to be sure I understand. With video I find sometimes it is necessary to watch - stop and replay sections.

This article makes me stop and think about my personal cooperate worship.


Barry Featheringill

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